Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekly Happiness #3

Happy Monday! How was everyone's week last week? The week was a busy but a good one for me. Lots of little things to make me smile even though the week flew past! 

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went on vacation. It was a much needed little break for both of us. My favorite part was showing my boyfriend, Dan, around Minnesota. He had never been and it was so fun to show him around where I grew up with my parents! We also got to see his family in Illinois on our way back home so it was the perfect little trip. We both felt that when we got back to work we were refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. Check out the pictures I took here

This weekend was Homecoming for my college which is always a fun time of year. On Friday evening Dan and I headed over to a bar in town to meet up with some of his fraternity brothers. It was nice to see some people who have moved out of state and to meet new people! There was such a mix of people who had been active in the fraternity just a few years ago to people who had been active back in the 80's or 90's; I loved seeing how they still come back to see each other!

This weekend I ended up seeing a few friends that I haven't seen in a while. One of my friends moved to Missouri earlier this year and I haven't had a chance to head down and see her. On Friday she was driving through town on her way back home and I got to see her on my lunch break. It was wonderful to catch up with her, even if only for an hour! I also saw a few friends who came into town for Homecoming. With our work schedules it has been harder to find the time to drive and see each other, so I hadn't seen them in at least a few months. We went out to grab a coffee and we sat chatting and catching up for a few hours. Hopefully it won't be so long until we see each other again!

I decided to read The Shining as my creepy Halloween book this year. I started it early since it was a bigger book, but I am flying through it! I'll probably be done with it well before Halloween! I saw the movie for the first time earlier this year, so I know the general plot of the book. However, I have felt that I am getting much more detail about the different events by reading the book. I can't wait to keep reading it! 

What made you happy this week?

P.S. the tea of the day is citrus green tea ^_^

Thursday, October 12, 2017

October Road Trip Photos

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a short trip up to Minnesota to visit my parents. We decided to rent a car and drive, and even though it was rainy on Friday (which made a bit of a stressful drive) we had a lot of fun! I can't wait until we take another road trip together. Below are some of the photos we took on our trip! 

Driving through Illinois

Starbucks run!

Cute little cabbage flowers at Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls

The fall colors in Wisconsin were amazing on our way back home! I can check seeing the autumn colors off my autumn bucket list

We were only gone a few days, but it was the perfect little vacation and we got some much needed relaxation. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

P.S. the tea of the day is cinnamon hibiscus herbal tea ^_^

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Autumn Bucket List

As the fall season kicks off I definitely want to take full advantage of the fun things there are to do around this time of year. Here are some of the things on my fall bucket list this year!

I haven't been to an apple orchard in a few years, and I would love to visit one this year! Picking fresh apples and making tasty apple treats sounds like a perfect way to warm up the house as the temperatures continue to fall. 

Seeing the leaves change to the beautiful fall colors is one of my favorite things about this season. As the earth prepares for winter it puts on such a beautiful show! I would love to take a hike and see the colors up close.

I love drinking apple cider, but usually I only get it at coffee shops. I really want to try making my own this year, maybe with apples I get from an orchard!

I've never been a huge fan of scary movies, but I definitely want to try to watch a silly Halloween film this year! On the top of my list are It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Young Frankenstein

Even though I don't like scary movies, I do enjoy a good creepy book! I would love to read at least one spooky thriller this year cuddled up on the sofa. Do you have any spooky recommendations for me?

Since becoming vegetarian, Thanksgiving has always been a fun time to try new autumn vegetarian dishes. I always like trying to make something new around Thanksgiving, and I'm already starting to think of ideas! I'm thinking maybe a casserole or some sort of stuffed pepper.

What are you looking forward to this season?

P.S. the tea of the day is citrus green tea ^_^

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekly Happiness #2

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and a relaxing weekend. I've had a weekend full of reading and short spurts of cleaning the house. I've been thoroughly enjoying digging into a few new books! Here are a few other things that made me smile this week. 

I started and finished Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott this week and it was just what I needed. A riveting tale of addiction and faith, it was so inspiring to hear about her struggles and how she used her faith to overcome those issues. I would love to dig into some of her other works! 

The temperatures have finally started to cool down into autumn temps! I am so grateful to finally be able to wear sweaters without sweating as soon as I walk out of work. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I can't wait for the changing leaves and warm suppers after a long day at work.

On Saturday I decided to take a trip over to the library to look for a book and I ended up leaving with 4! Hopefully I can get through them all before they are due! I've been really into different books on spirituality, anyone have any good recommendations?

The new season of Gotham just came back and I am so excited! Gotham is one of the few shows we watch while it is actually airing and I love the excitement and suspense of waiting for each episode to come out. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the instant gratification of binging a show, but there is something fun about gearing up for a new episode of a show each week. 

What made you smile this week?

P.S. the tea of the day is dragonfruit devotion ^_^

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Favorites

Happy Thursday! Can you believe that it's the end of September already? I'm so excited for the cooler weather, hot drinks from Starbucks, and all the autumn decor and movies on TV! While we wait for the weather to actually cool down into fall temps, here are some things I have been loving in the month of September! 

Game of Thrones Season 6

I am finally getting caught up on Game of Thrones! In the last few weeks I have watched through season 6 of the series and I absolutely loved it! So many things happened and it feels like all the moving parts in the story are finally coming together. I can't wait to see what season 7 brings!

Kalyn Nicholson YouTube

I got sucked into Kalyn's YouTube channel this month and I just adore her and her videos. She talks about a ton of organizational and planning things and the nerd in me loves it. I find it so satisfying to watch other people clean, organize, and plan to give me new ideas and inspiration. I love watching Kalyn because she is always so authentic and silly in her videos.

Bel Canto

I finished this novel this month and holy cow, it was so good! It was the perfect mix between having action and suspense but also diving into relationships and people. I felt like I got a perfect understanding for the different characters, so when the story twisted and turned the actions of the characters made perfect sense. Book review coming soon! 

Neutrogena Face Wash

I have to be honest and say that I only bought this face wash because the one I usually use (here) was out and I had a coupon for this one. However, I love how it feels! It leaves my skin feeling tingly and clean and it's the perfect thing to wake me up in the morning. I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin, but I don't wear any makeup and I only put moisturizer and eye cream on my face, so, I don't generally get much acne. I simply love how clean my face feels after using this! 

What types of things have you been loving lately?

P.S. the tea of the day is an Arnold Palmer ^_^

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Happiness #1

Happy Sunday! I wanted to change up my weekly inspiration posts to something that would incorporate more fun things and little tidbits here on Sundays. In this series I will share a few things that inspired me, made me smile, or that I was grateful for during the past week. I hope you enjoy! 

Afternoons off from work. Even though it means I have to work on Saturday morning I love when I get an afternoon off from work during the week! This week I ran a few errands and then relaxed while catching up on Game of Thrones. I was getting caught up on season 6 so I can start season 7 soon!

Game of Thrones. I love both the TV show and the books! I can't wait until the new books come out, but until then I will just binge out on the show! I love that now as the seasons have progressed there are more differences between the books and the show. It's so fascinating to see the slightly different directions they are going without departing at all from the overarching story line. 

Flowers outside work. On the side of the building that I work in there are all these pretty flower bushes that are still in bloom. It's such a treat to walk past them every morning going into work! 

What made you happy this week?

P.S. the tea of the day is green tea with honey and ginseng ^_^

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn Knitting Wishlist

I recently finished the scarves I was working on my myself and my boyfriend and I realized I didn't have a knitting project I wanted to start after that. After browsing the internet and Pinterest for different knitting project, here are some projects that I would love to work on this autumn!

I absolutely adore this blanket! I think it looks so cozy for a cold winter night. I'm planning on making this my next project just so I can cuddle up under this blanket with a warm mug of tea and a book! 

Isn't this bag cute? The perfect bag for a knitting project or to use as a large tote! This is definitely going on my to be knit list.

The perfect autumn pattern! Wouldn't these pumpkins look adorable on a fireplace mantle? 

I've never knit a sweater before but this one seems like the perfect place to start! This looks so cozy and warm for relaxing around the house.

I follow Gabi from Maison Dene on IG and the first time I saw her post this pattern I fell in love. This sweater is definitely in my future.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's on your to knit list?

P.S. the tea of the day is iced citrus green tea ^_^