Monday, June 3, 2013

Home For the Summer

So guess what? I am now officially a junior in college! Wow, I'm old. I can't believe that my second year of college is already over! It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm and getting ready for a new year and I'm already at home again. It's nice being at home, mostly just because now I have a reasonably sized bed where I can stretch out and not a crappy twin bed. Seriously though, I feel like a sardine when I try to sleep in dorm beds. Not to mention the fact that I usually do almost everything in my bed at home. Watch movies, eat, read, find new hobbies, creep on peoples Facebook's, play with my dog, etc. So, I like being home. However, I've only been home a few days and I already miss my friends from school. The only big downfall to going to school out of state. While all my friends are beings brats and going to visit each other and doing activities together I'll be all on my lonesome wishing I was there. Don't worry though, I do have friends at home, I'm not a total loner! But I do miss them and can't wait for them to come visit me in the best state in the world (Minnesota)! So when my parents came to get me we stayed at this really cool Bed & Breakfast which is in an old mansion. I was in antique heaven. It's called the Vrooman Mansion ( and is totally awesome. A lot of the stuff are the actual items that the family used to own and they just leave in the mansion to keep it looking authentic. I obviously could not stop taking pictures so here are a few of my favorite snaps from the night! 

My bed. Whoever thought hideaway beds were a good idea was wrong. At first they look exciting and fun but then you realize that there will always be a bar in your back no matter what and the fun is over. Don't let the exciting fact that it can fold into a couch fool you. 

My parents much more comfortable bed

I want a bathtub like this in my future home

First course of our breakfast. A breakfast banana split with granola, yogurt and different types of fruit.

The rest of our breakfast: little egg cups, french toast, and sausage and bacon that I gave to my parents. (The lemon ginger tea I'm drinking now would have gone very well with the meal)

Staying in the mansion was definitely a highlight and I would recommend it to anyone who is going to be in the area. 

In other and completely unrelated news, I got a new phone! 

I found this when I was out thrift shopping with my mom today and since it was only $8 and I've always wanted a phone like this I couldn't pass it up. The only problems is, I have nowhere to use it! Why, you ask? Well let me tell you. There are 2 reasons I can't use this phone. 
1. When I live at home, which is only about 4 months out of the year, I don't have a land line. My parents recently got rid of our phone service since us kiddies are all away at college. So, since the parental units are away all day doing adulty things like working so they can buy me cool shit and yummy food when I come home, they didn't need it and got rid of it. 
2. The rest of the year I am at school. And now in the age of cell phones, dorms are not really a good place to have a land line. Plus, who says I want to share my super awesome phone with all my roommates? Just kidding! I totally would! 
So, I can't use my pretty new phone. That means that I'll just have to refurbish it and then let it be decoration until I move somewhere where I will actually need and use a land line. A blog post about my adventures in refurbishing the phone will be coming soon! 

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