Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Things I Love About Autumn

I love blogging about my experiences in Japan, but today I was in the mood for something different. So I decided to write about what I love about autumn! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, right behind spring. So, here are 10 reasons why I love it so much!
#1 is hot tea! I love tea, especially hot, and I think it is especially good as the weather cools down and you start needing something to warm up with. Right now my tea is Rosehip and Hibiscus ^_^

#2 changing leaves! Aren't they just gorgeous?

#3 is sweaters! I would wear a sweater everyday if I could, and when the weather cools down I basically do
#4 back to school! I think fall is the perfect time to go to school. My expectations are always so high for the year, and I am so excited to learn what my teachers are telling me. I can't say for the same during the spring

#4 I can wear my hair down! As anyone with thick, curly hair knows, this is almost an impossibility during the summer. I have way too much hair for me to be comfortable with it down in the heat, so I love when fall comes and I can wear it down once again

#5 is boots! Boots are one of my favorite type of shoes to wear, and they fit with autumn styles so well
#6 fuzzy socks! I think they are just so fun!

#7 is new friends! I love that every year when school starts, you have so many opportunities to meet new people ^_^

#9 comfort food! There is just something so nice about a hot dinner that warms you up from the inside out

#10 is mellow music! For some reason the cool weather is just perfect for softer songs. I'm especially loving this song by The XX right now

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