Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Visit

Guess what?! In just 5 days my mom, dad and brother will be arriving in Tokyo to visit me while I am here for the year. I posted a few weeks ago about how I miss seeing everybody in the states. I absolutely cannot wait to see my family, and at least have a few friendly faces around me. Lately, so many of my friends here have either been talking about going home for the holidays or getting ready to go home after this semester. While I am by no means ready to go home, it has been making me a bit homesick. I wish that I could easily fly home for a week and see my friends and family that I miss, instead of not seeing them for countless months. That is why I am so excited to see my parents and brother. I have been making an itinerary of places that I want to take them, and it makes me so antsy. Pretty soon I will be able to join in the talk of how nice it was to see my family, how much better I feel, and how fun it was to show them around. Although they will not be here exactly on Christmas, we will still be able to have our own special celebration a few days later, complete with Japanese Christmas Cake. For a few of the days we are going to spend time at a traditional Japanese inn by Mount Fuji, and the rest of the days we are just going to explore Tokyo. I plan to take them to some places that I have already been to and enjoyed, and some that I haven't been yet. That way I can both play the tour-guide and have new adventures together with them. Since I am the only one who can speak any Japanese, I will really have to do my best to interpret everything for them, since there is no one I can turn to for help. Usually when I am together with friends, we all struggle to understand together with our limited language skills. Now though, I will be the only one with any understanding of what is going on. It will definitely be a fun experience! These next few days are going to be hard to get through, since I won't want to do anything as I wait for them to come. However, I know you are reading this dad, and don't worry, I will still make sure to do all my homework ^_^

P.S. the tea of the day is strawberry champagne tea, my Christmas gift from Siobhan ^^ 


  1. your plan sounds really fun, you're going to the onsen, aren't you?! hot spring in winter night must feel wonderful~ looking forward to see your adventures with family in your blog!!^-^
    Merry Christmas, by the way! I hope your holiday is a memorable one!!

  2. Yes, we are going to an onsen by Mt. Fuji! Thank you, I hope you had a good Christmas as well! ^_^