Monday, December 30, 2013

The Family Adventures Day 1

The first full day that the family was here was on Saturday. We had a full day of touring some of the places that I spend the most time. First we went to Mita campus, and looked around there. My brother was surprised at my ability to always choose a small campus. Mita campus is even smaller than my campus in the US! We had fun walking around and looking at the buildings and statues around campus. I think dad is now tied on whether he wants to become a professor at my school in the states or here! Our next stop was Tokyo Tower. As close as it is to Mita campus I have never actually been there! It was really fun seeing the tower, and when we went up the view of the city was amazing! It was also my first time taking the bus; it was fun getting around on something other than the train.

View from Tokyo Tower, the Skytree in the distance

You can see 富士山 (Mt. Fuji) in the distance from this window

They have little observation windows where you can look down the legs of the Tower!

The fam in the Tower!

After Tokyo Tower we went to one of my favorite restaurants by campus, a ramen shop where you can get tomato ramen. I think it's a fun twist on a more traditional food, and was really excited to take the rest of the fam there. They all loved it and thought it was delicious, but it was a bit of a struggle trying to use chopsticks. This was their first full meal in Japan, and they have never really used chopsticks before, so maybe ramen was not the easiest choice. However, we all managed to eat the full bowl, and I think they had a lot of fun trying to figure out the chopsticks. Our next stop was down to Tsunashima to check out my dorm and the neighborhood I live in. There isn't much to do in Tsunashima, and we basically saw the whole area on the walk to the dorm. It was still really fun pointing out different things that are so familiar to me now. I've said before that my dorm room is very small, but I really noticed it when all 4 of us were squeezed in. I'm glad that normally I have the whole room to myself! After looking at the dorm we headed down to Yokohama to visit Pokemon Center and China Town. 

Ferris Wheel in みなとみらい (Minatomirai)

Ian loved Pokemon Center; all his childhood dreams finally came true! He bought a little Pikachu charm for his backpack. Now whenever we go somewhere cool we find somewhere for Pikachu to sit, and he posts it online as the adventures of Pikachu ^_^

Gate into China Town

China Town street. Most of what we saw were little trinket shops or restaurants. We kept seeing lucky cat statues, which apparently my brother and mom find extremely creepy! We also got some 肉まん (nikuman: a bun filled with meat) to try and it was a big hit. 

When we got back to the apartment we stopped at a little 天丼 (tendon: tempura over rice) restaurant which everyone really liked. Tempura is one of my favorite foods, so I was really happy that everyone else enjoyed it. Then we went home and had some belated Christmas cake! After that everyone was pretty exhausted, so we all just went to sleep!

That was it for the first day! I have a post coming up about our next 2 days when we went to see Mt. Fuji, so keep on the lookout for that! 

P.S. The tea of the day was Lemon Ginger ^.^

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