Monday, January 6, 2014

The Family Adventure Day 5

On the fam's last day in Japan we had a much more relaxed (comparatively) day than the ones before. We had been planning to go to the Imperial Palace, but since it was still New Years time we heard that it would be closed. We decided to still go and check to see if maybe even just a small part of the whole area was open. It was a good thing we did! It turns out that on that day the Emperor was making appearances to wave and give a small speech to the people. We got into the long line, which actually moved pretty quickly, and got up into the main palace area (I think). We had to stand around for about an hour jammed together with tons of other people, but it was definitely worth it. Everyone was so excited when the Emperor and rest of the family appeared and the mood was definitely catching. I am glad we went and had what was absolutely a once in a lifetime experience. When will I next be in Japan to see the Emperor and family wave to me?!

A park by the Imperial Palace

Going into the Imperial Palace

Tokyo Station

Next we headed over to the Tokyo Dome area because my brother wanted to go check out the baseball gear. It was definitely a fun place. They have a huge stadium, a small amusement park, and a big mall. We just walked around for a little bit, but I definitely want to go back on a game day. I think that it would be incredibly fun, even if I am not that into sports!

For our final stop we went back to the Asakusa area. The big shopping street by Senso-ji Temple was closed when we went on New Year's Eve, so we went back to get souvenirs for people. We had fun wandering in and out of the different shops, and the family was able to find a little something for everyone. I also spent some time shopping, but it was mostly just for myself again ^_^ I really need to get better at buying souvenirs for people other than myself. Finally we stopped for dinner. We went to a more traditional Tempura restaurant. It was super fun sitting on the little chairs on the tatami floored room. Plus, the food was super delicious! A perfect end to the fam's vacation!

That's it for the adventures of the Sharp family! I am so glad that they were able to come visit me. I had a lot of fun guiding them through Japan and showing them all the things that I like to do and eat here. It's going to be strange not having any more visits to look forward to, but I am always open to more people coming ^^ If anyone wants to come over here, I would love to show you around! 

P.S. The tea of the day is Darjeeling tea ^_^

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