Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break Trip: Phuket!

The next stop on our spring break trip was to Phuket, Thailand. We stayed at a huge tourist area, Patong Beach. The first day we got there we were pretty tired after an early flight from Singapore, and if I'm honest my first impression of Thailand was not the best. Everything seemed so dirty and scary compared to big cities like Tokyo and Singapore, that I almost just wanted to get back on the plane and go back to one of those places. However, once we had some food and took a nap in our hotel, these feelings all went away. We spent the evening on the beach and eating dinner at one of the beach side restaurants. The area is actually very nice! The beaches are so pretty and the weather so perfect, that I don't know how anyone could not like it. 

The next day in Phuket we went on a big island tour of Phi Phi Island. This was definitely one of my favorite days of the whole vacation! We boated around the different islands, went snorkeling and swimming, and just relaxed on some incredible beaches. I think I swallowed enough salt water on this day to be permanently used to swimming in the ocean now; I don't think it will ever bother me again ^^

Monkey Beach!

Maya Bay ^_^

Viking Cave

The last day in Phuket I went to the beach by myself. We had gotten a lot of sun the day before and Elena wanted to stay out of the sun for a day. I had a relaxing day swimming, tanning, and reading my book on the beautiful beach. I could definitely get used to living somewhere where that was a daily possibility! We had a delicious dinner in a super cool restaurant and then got an early night, since we had another early flight to the last stop on our trip. 

Phuket was a very nice area, but just a little too touristy for me. I felt like I didn't really get to see a lot of the traditional Thailand. However, if you are looking for just a fun, beach vacation I would definitely recommend Patong Beach ^_^

P.S. The tea of the day is lemon tea ^^ 

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