Sunday, May 11, 2014

Golden Week Trip: Kawagoe

The next trip I went on during Golden Week was to Kawagoe. During the Edo period Kawagoe was a main military base for the capital, Edo. Today is has retained many aspects of it's strong traditional history. There are many old style buildings and traditional items you can buy, a perfect place to buy souvenirs!

On our way to the main shopping street in Kawagoe we passed this little street performance

Washing our money. Apparently if you do this your money will double. I really hope it comes true!

Siobhan and I tried to throw hoops onto pegs representing things you wanted out of life. Of course we missed every single time...

Here is a small taste of what Kawagoe looks like. The streets were so full it was really hard to even move, much less take pictures!

After attempting to explore the shopping street and absolutely failing due to the amount of people who were there on holiday we went to explore some temples and a castle. This is one of the little gardens in Kawagoe Castle.

Goofing off by the pagoda ^^

Kawagoe was really fun, but I feel like we missed a lot since there were so many people there. I hope to go again and take some more pictures of the cool buildings and buy more souvenirs!

P.S. the tea of the day is lemon tea ^_^

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