Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Imperial Palace!

Last Thursday I was finally able to make it to the Imperial Palace and the Palace garden. This is something I have been wanting to do since I came to Japan. I tried to go when my family was here in December, but since they came around New Year's it was closed so we were not able to. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad I finally had a chance to go! Here are some snaps from around the Palace and garden!

I apologize for my posts being so sporadic. Lately I have not had much energy to do anything other than spend time with my friends. Writing my last post about going home and realizing how short of I time I have left here really made me just want to spend time with the people I have met. Thus, I have not been doing much other than going to class, exercising, and going out with all my new friends. I am finishing up some plans for my few final small trips around Japan right now, so keep your eyes open for some more exciting posts in the next few months!

P.S. I don't actually know what the flavor of tea I'm drinking is. I got a bunch of it in a birthday package, and I love it! To me it smells and tastes like cinnamon, vanilla, and cozy nights by the fire. Why that is so appealing to me in June, I could not say, but I'm on my third cup today ^_^

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