Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Process of Letting Go

Sometimes life comes around and knocks you down. Someone lies to you, a friend betrays you, you find out someone is not who they said they were. Life kicks you in the stomach and it hurts, a lot. But you know what? Life goes on. 

When you begin a process of letting something go in your life here are a few things to remember.

1. Let yourself cry. Cry a lot. But always remember that the best place to cry is the shower. In the shower you don't have to worry about whose clothes, sheets, or couch you are getting all your face fluids on. So cry in the shower where your face fluids are washed away as soon as they come out of your face.

2. Say what you need to say to feel better. Don't yell at the person or send endless drunk texts about how you now hate them. However, if there is something you want to say that will help your healing process, don't be afraid to say it. If that person isn't going to be in your life anymore what does it matter if they judge you? If it will help you move on you should say it.

3. Rely on your friends. Don't be afraid to let people in. Whether it's your best guy friend, your roommates, or your mom, let someone know how you are feeling. Cry on their shoulder and let them comfort you. Let them make jokes about you ugly crying and laugh through your tears. I promise you it will make you feel better.

4. Remember to take care of your body. Sure, eat that tub of donuts, drink a bunch of wine, eat a pint of ice cream. Just don't let that overwhelm you. Have a day or two where you wallow but then stop. Do some restorative yoga, take a long run, do a juice cleanse. Whatever will make you feel healthy and strong can't hurt you, it can only help you. 

5. Don't let your anger and hurt ruin your life. Keep up on your homework or nail that presentation at work. Don't let yourself fall behind on your personal goals due to another person. Show the world (and the a**hole that hurt you) how tough you are and don't let yourself get knocked down completely. 

6. Remember the good that came from the situation. Let yourself be angry but don't let your anger ruin all your memories. No matter what happened in the present, remember what happened in the past. I can guarantee that you had good times with the person and remember that. You don't know what is going on in that persons life that they felt the need to hurt you so badly. You don't need them in your life anymore, it's not healthy for you, but don't let yourself erase all the good times you had with said person. 

I hope this is helpful to any of you who are going through something tough. What are some of the things you do to let something go?

P.S. the tea of the day is limeade twist ^_^