Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New and Improved

Welcome to the new and improved Tea Time with Taylor! 

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately. I originally started it to document my time studying abroad in Japan. I wanted to be able to share with my family and friends all the things that I was doing and seeing while living in Tokyo for the year. When I came back from Japan I loved my blog so much I knew I was not going to give it up. However, I had trouble finding a direction for it. I don't travel a lot, so it couldn't continue to be a travel blog. I like to dress up and try new clothing styles, but I am by no means enough of a fashionista to run a fashion blog. I don't use makeup so running a beauty blog also wasn't for me. I ended up just writing posts about things that were important to me; things that I was thinking about at that point in time. 

Therefore, for a long while I've been looking for more structure to my blog. I haven't been feeling inspired and I've noticed a decline in the quality of work that I put up here. After lots of thought I decided that I want Tea Time with Taylor to be a place where people can come to find inspiration and happiness. I started a series, inspired by The Tea Drinking English Rose, of things that had made me smile during that week. I have really enjoyed blogging this series and wanted to add on to it. So, enough chit chat! Here are the changes that I will be making to the blog! 

First, I have obviously changed the look of the blog. Do you guys like the new design? Anything you would like to see different?

Second, every Sunday I will be continuing with the Things That Made Me Smile posts. I'm super excited to share with you all the little things that make me smile throughout the week! 

Third, every Wednesday I will be starting a series called Weekly Inspiration. On this day I will be sharing something that inspired me that week. It could be a quote, a person, a book, a movie, some pictures, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Finally, on Fridays I will be starting a series called Friday Firsts. Each week I will be trying something new. It could be a new type of tea, a new hairstyle, a new restaurant I ate at, or a cool new experience that I had! If you guys have any things you want me to try let me know! I would love to try out your suggestions and tell you what I thought about them. 

In between these posts I will still write about the things that are on my mind or travel posts if I happen to go somewhere. I love posts like this but they just weren't enough to keep me inspired.

I can't wait to see how this new structure will work out! Hopefully it will inspire me to write more often and put more effort into my writing! I hope it will also give you guys more to look forward to since you will have set posts to look forward to! 

P.S. the tea of the day is strawberry grapefruit green tea ^_^

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