Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Firsts: Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

Happy Friday! I apologize for this post coming later in the day than usual, it's been one busy Friday! This week for my Friday First I decided to try Earl Grey tea. Since I started drinking tea I've always been scared to try Earl Grey. I felt like the flavor would be too strong for me. So, whenever the opportunity came around I chickened out and just stayed with the types of tea that I knew I liked. However, my friends have a few boxes at their house and it always tempts me to actually try it. I figured that a Friday Firsts post would be the perfect opportunity to actually go ahead and try some. So I swiped a bag and here we are! 

Earl Grey should be steeped for about 4 minutes. It is a black tea so you don't want to steep it too long or it will start to get extra bitter! 

I was looking online and most people said to put either sugar or lemon in the tea. Milk was also an option, but not as popular. I decided to put in just 1 teaspoon of sugar and that turned out pretty well!

For my first experience I decided that Earl Grey wasn't my favorite tea. It was slightly more bitter than I like my tea and the sugar I put in didn't fully counteract the bitterness. However, as someone who drinks mostly herbal tea this probably isn't surprising. I still liked it though, and I can definitely see myself buying a box just to have. I imagine I would like it more with a sweet breakfast, like pancakes!

Do you guys like Earl Grey tea? Do you have any tips on how to make the perfect mug?

P.S. the tea of the day is an Oprah cinnamon chai latte ^_^

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